In just a minute you’ll find out exactly how you can hijack the forbidden secrets of the underground “traffic giants” to dominate any niche, forcing a practically endless stream of cash to march steadily into your bank account day after day…year after year.

And you’ll do it…

Without spending a dime on merciless Pay Per Click

Without writing a single tedious article.

Without ever making another humiliating request for a JV.

Without ever working more than 10 minutes per day!

Welcome Weary Marketer,

As you read every word on this page you’re going to become one of the only marketers who know the real secrets to amassing fantastic wealth online without struggle.

Here’s the skinny.

There is only one word that will make or break your career online.

And that word is: traffic.

Traffic is the blood that pumps through your online business and any other business for that matter.

Nobody can survive on blood infusions every six months…there must be a constant flow throughout your body.

And your business is no different.

Without Enough Consistent Traffic…Your Business is Either On Life Support…Or It’s Already Dead

And here’s the really bad news.

Nearly 95% of internet marketers do not have enough traffic to make a full time income online.

And even those who do have enough traffic generally won’t be able to maintain those traffic levels for the long term.


Because until today…

You’ve Only Been Told About Two General Ways To Get Traffic:

The “Go Broke” Method Or The “Burn Out Method”

The first way steals your wallet, the other steals your soul.

Let me explain.

The Paid Traffic Methods (“The Go Broke Method”)

Did you know that approximately 97% of Pay Per Click campaigns last only one day.

And there’s a damn good reason for it.

Nobody is being honest with you about the realities of making money with Pay Per Click and other paid advertising methods.

But I will be honest.

Want a truly successful paid advertising campaign?

Be prepared to spend at least $5,000 tweaking losing ads, landing pages and products before you ever turn a profit.

Most of you don’t have that sort of cash lying around so either going to give up fast…or go broke trying.

The Free Traffic Methods (The “Burnout Method”):

This includes tired free methods like maual blogging, article writing, forum marketing (“yawn”) and finally pathetically groveling before other marketers begging them to send you traffic (known to you as a “Joint Venture”).

Do these methods actually work?

Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t.

Ironically, you’re probably better off if they don’t work.

To get enough permanent traffic with these methods to support a full time income you’ll easily spend 10 hours per day doing some of the most tedious, soul crushing tasks imaginable.

And something tells me you didn’t get into internet marketing to kiss the butts of pompous list owners begging for traffic.

After a few weeks of this most marketers start to wonder what makes internet marketing any better than their corporate slave labor.

These folks burn out faster than a cheap cigarette.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

And you’re probably thinking to yourself:

When 97% Of People Can’t Get Enough Traffic To Survive…Isn’t There A Better Way?

You bet your butt there is.

And when I reveal this “third way” in just a minute…it’s going to shake up this industry this industry like an F5 tornado.

My name is Bill, and I’ve got a problem….

I’m addicted to traffic!!!

For for over a decade I’ve been running with some of the most aggressive, ruthless traffic monsters on the planet.

This isn’t a group of people that you’ve ever heard of. They keep their stats and their strategies to themselves.

But I’ve been in that inner circle.

In fact, I sent so much free traffic to one of my butt ugly guitar sites that I was able to sell the business for $2.3 million!

Luckily for you…I’ve decided that their years of secrecy are going to end.

I’ve decided that the time has come to share these downright nasty traffic secrets with “the little guy”.

And the secret is simple.

I’ve Mastered The Science Of Creating My Own “Traffic Machines” On The Web

Here are some of my “traffic machines in action”

What are traffic machines?

They are specialized websites that can created in one day, and will start sending you rabid stampedes of traffic day after day, year after year no matter how fat and lazy you get.

  1. They build content on autopilot.
  2. They build backlinks and autopilot.
  3. They market on social media sites on autopilot.

And  at every stage the process is so natural…their automated functions go completely unnoticed by Google or any other search engine.

In short,

These Traffic Machines are your Completely Unfair (but legal) Advantage Over Any Competitor,

In  Any Niche, In Any Economy

My traffic machines were modeled after the ruthless methods of the black hat masters of the web.

Only my traffic machines are far better!

While black hatters must constantly rebuild new sites to replace the ones that are banned from Google’s index…that won’t happen to you.

I’ve tweaked these systems over years to find the perfect balance of aggressiveness…and a natural process that the search engines cannot detect.

Once you know how to run you machines like I do…the floodgates of traffic and sales will open for you like you’ve cracked the Hoover dam.

Only customers will find out exactly how these traffic machines work…but suffice it to say that:

Your Days Of Soul Crushing Link Building And SEO Content Creation Are Over…Forever

  • No more Ezinearticles
  • No more ghostwriters who can’t write worth a damn
  • No more begging for JV partners who treat you like crap

In fact, JV partners will be fawning all over you for a mailing because you’ve turned

And the best part is…

These traffic machines will keep working…not matter how radically Google changes their algorithm.

There’s two reasons for this.

  1. Google is not going to be your only source of traffic from these “traffic machines”. Having all your eggs in one basket is no way to run a real business. Your traffic will also be coming from a variety of Web 2.0 properties you never knew could be so profitable.
  2. I’m going to show you grab the lions share of profits by being one of the first to adjust and take advantage of those changes.

With big changes come massive opportunities for profit.

Imagine if you were the first 100 people to start collecting followers on Twitter.

Do you think your career online might be a wee bit different that it is today?

That’s the kind of cutting-edge position you’re going to be in when you’ve got WP-Content.

There are other insanely aggressive marketers out there like myself who track the changes on the traffic landscapes like sharks looking for blood.

You don’t need to be as vigilant as we are.

You just need to know where to find us…and how to copy what we’re doing.

Having this information will place you squarely among the .001% of marketers online. And that’s where you’ll stay…and profit until the cows come home.

Are you ready to experience traffic so good it should be illegal! Click here to get started.

You’ve worked hard enough.

Now it’s time to snatch the success you deserve.

It’s time for you to have access to this same system that I’ve used to build my personal fortune.

In fact, within a few hours of work you’ll have your very own automated traffic machine up and running forever!

What Will You Do With All Of Your Newfound Automated Traffic?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Completely dominate with any CPA offers of your choice in any Niche you choose. Set up a “Traffic machine”, redirect to a timely offer and watch the stress free cash roll in like the Mississippi river.
  • Use the traffic to sell more of your current products. Whether it’s an ebook, a motorcycle or an online flower shop…your traffic machine will serve as an endless source of clients and wealth.
  • Outsource the creation of your traffic machines to others to create a new traffic machine every day. There’s no law that says you can’t send traffic from hundreds of niches all at the same time. Once you’ve got this skill the internet becomes your own personal banquet.
  • Build that big honkin lists that you’ve always dreamed of.

Want to fund that killer vacation your wife wants to take in Baja…one email can do the trick when you turn your monster traffic into a loyal subscriber list.

  • Come out with your own products...and know that you’ve already got buyers lining up to buy. Lack of Traffic is the #1 cause of failures online. Now you can be sure you won’t become another statistic.
  • Hire out traffic creation services to other businesses. Online and offline businesses are starved for traffic. They will readily shell out thousands of dollars if you can solve their traffic problems.  Do you smell a cash cow?

In fact

Setting up these traffic machines will become so fun, easy and profitable…they’ll become your healthy online addiction.

I know I’m addicted to setting up these traffic machines in every niche,for every product I can get my hands on.

Because every time I do it I add another $25-$40 per day to my income.

The good news is there is much traffic out there…all of us combined could never reach it all in a lifetime.

What’s Inside The “WP-Content”?

As soon as you get inside you’re going to have access to an the incredible software and a series of incredibly fun and easy video series.  You will have your very own traffic machine within hours of your purchase!

I’m  not going to teach you how to do this. I’m going to show you how to do it.

Even if you think you’re a technical dunce…you too will be able to follow along with these videos and succeed.

Just click where I click and do as I say and you’ll have traffic coming out of your ears in days.

Build Drop Dead Gorgeous Amazon Affiliate Websites

These sites are not only beautiful but also generate commissions from Amazon automatically. Its so simple....

Start posting product for your niche a few times a day. Drive that content to you social media network and watch your traffic and commissions EXPLODE?

How About a Gorgeous Classified Website With Oodle

How about you build an amazing classified website offering a huge arrange or products listed on Oodle.

Imagine having apartment listing, homes for sales, cars for sales....

And you get Paid!

Build Beautiful Video Websites

Imagine building a Video based website with YouTube and Vimeo that show movie trailers, or political debate. Now imagine having the automatically posted to major social media website. You know how people love to talk.

The right video post and discussion at Facebook or Twitter can drive thousand of visitors to your website

Build Powerful Press Release Website

Imagine building grabbing the latest press releases or RSS News feeds from any news site you want. You could build a massive feeder sites like the Drudge Report or Real Clear Politics.

Built in Marketing Tools

Built In Banner Advertising

Automatically post banner ads, and contextual ads like Adsense and other program.

Our Custom Stealth Marketing System

Add any link you want to your post JUST under the title of the post. NO MORE banner blindness. These small HTML enable ads can send people to any product you want. Even an opt-in page or a special offer.

These links work!

Generate Passive Income Like This

Passive AdSense

Even Clickbank

Passive AdSense

And JV Zoo

Automatic Traffic Has Never Been So Easy

100% SEO Done Automatically By Yoast SEO

Set up the Yoast SEO plugin configue, and your done. What could be easier.

Then just let our automated social media software generate all the back links you will ever need

On Page Cross Linking

We automatically cross link relevant content on your website. If Google finds one of your post, they will crawl every other post on your website.

  • More Traffic
  • Faster
  • With No Efforts

Automatic Social Media Marketing

These highly Viral Social Media sites combined with our highly targeted and talked about content leads to a VIRAL traffic storm headed to your website


Sounds Incredible…But How Much Will It Cost Me

Before we can even think about price…you need to ask yourself some serious questions.

Questions like: how much would you pay to NEVER have to worry about getting traffic to your sites again?

What would it be worth to never have to beg for a JV again?

How would you life change if hordes of people were begging YOU to the promote their product…instead of you always begging others to throw you a bone?

You’ll quickly realize that what I’m offering here isn’t just another product.

  1. I’m offering you a path out of the rat race.
  2. I’m offering you freedom to make money on demand…any time you damn well please.
  3. I’m tossing you the keys to a life filled with as much money as you want…and time to pursue the things you really enjoy in life (hint: it isn’t internet marketing)

The fact is there is nothing you will find anywhere that will give you this sort of results based software and comprehensive training.

This software and training material is so powerful, you can literally call up a small business, set up a traffic machine for them and charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars for your efforts.

So to charge $500 for this package would truly be the steal of the century.

What’s $500 when you have the ability to make any website successful.

Believe it or not.

You’re not going to pay $500 for this incredible package.

You’re not even going to pay $250.

You see, I know how much  you’ve struggled and I know the state of the economy.

I know that if I can get you making money now…you’ll have the money to buy my other products in the future.

That’s why I’m going in the hole to make sure that you can  see this system work with your own eyes…without breaking the bank.

That’s why I’m going to let it go for a measly


Single site license and ONLY

$37.00  for unlimited personal sites.

Only 500 Copies will be sold.

(I refuse to overload the market with these methods)

My accountant, my wife, and even my daughter think I’m nuts for lettings this cat out of the bag for under $100 bucks.

And the more I hear them talk..the more their arguments are starting to wear me down.

I very well may raise the price to more rational levels at any moment without warning.

Imagine the heartache you’ll feel if you missed out on this incredible opportunity.

To ensure there’s isn’t a shadow of doubt in your mind about this purchase…I’m going to take every last drop of risk…off of your shoulders and onto my own.

money back logo

Love It Or Leave It 100% “Take It To The Bank” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You read that right.

Get WP Content while it’s still for sale (it won’t be for long), and take it for a test drive. Build a traffic machine. Learn all the other tricks and strategies. You’ve got 30 days to profit from the material.

If you’re not riveted with excitement about the traffic this software can offer your online business….you get every cent you paid back…NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

“I Can’t Resist Bill…What Should I Do Next”

Simply scroll down and tap the big “Buy Now” button below, use your credit card or PayPal information with JV Zoo (the #1, most trusted seller of digital products online) and get immediate access to this treasure chest of valuable software & training immediately…even if it’s 2AM on a weekend!

We’re talking just 1 bucks per day this month to secure you financial future for a lifetime. And your purchase is completely guaranteed.

Is this really even a decision?

Single Site License

WP Content - Single Site

Unlimited Sites License

WP Content - Unlimited Sites

Here’s to your automated profits!

Bill McRea

P.S.  Every hour you don’t order is another hour you’re letting high quality barrels of traffic pass you by. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out how your life will change when that traffic is coming your way?

P.P.S. You don’t have to order now but please remember that this product will probably be gone forever by the time you come back. Since your order is 100% guaranteed the smart move here is to secure your copy now…and decide if you want to keep it later.

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Immediate Product Access

As soon as you complete your transaction through JV Zoo you will be provided a link to log into our members area to access the software.


Complete video instructions on how to set up a blog and install our software. All our training video are short and through.

Direct Support

Our support desk is available from within the members area so you can gain access to our programmer or support personnel to answer your questions

Buy Safe

All sales are transacted through JV Zoo and Paypal. Your information is always safe and secure

If you are not happy with our software we will gladly issue you a 100% refunds for a period of 30 days.